Hawaiian Sarongs

Bali Lace Clothing, Resort Wear & More


Sold in Packs of Twelve  -  $192.00/Dozen

 Like our Skirt Sets, the Sundresses are pre-packed at the manufacturing plant.  Each bag contains
 12 assorted colors and designs.   Our goal is to give you a good variety of colors and designs
 so we change the color and design mix frequently. 
The fabric design and colors are chosen at the factory and is based on availability at the time of production.

Some of the colors and designs we have used are shown in the photos below

Available in Two Sizes

  Small  -  Children ages 2-7:

Medium - Children Ages 8-12:

Call  us on Maui, Hawaii at 808-879-4100
Fax us at
or email us at:


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