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To the uninitiated, a sarong looks like nothing more than an
oddly shaped tablecloth. But for those in the know, the rectangular-shaped
cloth can be worn as a versatile beach wrap, skirt or dress.
Here are some ideas on how to tie a sarong.

Mini Dress or Skirt

This is one of the simplest ties.
Place the sarong widthways under the arms.
Grab a handful of material from each end to form "ears".
Tie these "ears" in a knot above the bust.
For a skirt, place the material at waist level,
tying in the front or at the side, depending on where
you want the split.
Hold the material widthways, folding the top over
for neatness.  Place the sarong against your body
so the top covers your chest.  Holding the ends,
cross them over at the back and tie again
in the front. This tie is difficult to maneuver and it may be
necessary to hold the material up in front with your chin
as you cross the ends over at the back.

Double-Knot Dress or Top

Halter Top Dress
Place sarong widthways under your arms,
holding the two ends in front. Twist ends firmly
around each other twice. The ends can then be
brought up and tied at the back of the neck,
or they can be pulled to one side with one end
 pulled under the arm, and tied on the
shoulder as illustrated.
Cross ends of material over bust
and tie in a knot at the back of the neck.

Side-Wrap Sarong

Front-Pleated Sarong
Place material at waist level,
tying at the side, drape over hip.
Place sarong widthways under your arms.
Holding ends of material away from you,
fold evenly into wide pleats and tuck
 in to center. Secure with a pin or broach.

As you become more confident, you will develop more ways to tie your sarong. 

Don't be afraid to experiment!

Hint:  For all the tying styles, make sure your body is in the middle of the material so the sarong folds evenly.

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